Our Scottish Blackface Sheep are handled gently using food rewards and knowledge of animal behaviour to move them rather than harsh physical methods. These same methods are also employed with our Angus cattle. With little or no stress in their lives you can taste the difference.


Scottish Blackface is the most popular breed of domestic sheep in the United Kingdom, accounting for approximately 30% of the sheep population. This breed goes by many names, including Scottish Highland, Kerry, Scotch Horn and Blackface Highland. Primarily raised for meat, this breed can be seen in any type of climate and is quite adaptable.

De Scottish Blackface is een zeer sterk ras, dat goed kan overleven in de ruige Schotse bergen. Scottish Blackface; Suffolk; Texel; Other Breeds; News; Contact Us. Terms and Conditions; S c o t t i s h B l a c k f a c e ‘Allanfauld scottish sheep, scottish blackface sheep (ovis aries gmelini) lying in meadow, isle of islay, inner hebrides, scotland, united kingdom - scottish blackface sheep bildbanksfoton och bilder europe, great britain, scotland, hebrides, south-east of the isle of skye, point of sleat, scottish blackface sheep on rocks - scottish blackface sheep bildbanksfoton och bilder Scottish Blackface Sheep. The Scottish Blackface is an attractive, hardy, old breed whose origins are lost to us. It is likely that the breed developed in the border area of Scotland and England. A freemartin is defined as a female that is born as a twin with a male and is sterile as a result of exposure to masculinizing hormones.

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The Scottish Blackface sheep breed information . The Scottish Blackface sheep are midium to large-sized breeds with black face and black legs. Both the sexes are horned. The Scottish Blackface sheep are used for meat production. The fleece weight of Blackface is 1.75 to 3 kg with a staple length of 15 to 30 cm and a fiber diameter of 28 to 38 micron.

Scottish Blackface Sheep In Europe, the long, coarse wool of the Scottish Blackface is made into fine carpets, Irish and Scottish Tweeds, and used to stuff mattresses. This medium-sized breed also produces a lean, fine-grained, and flavorful meat.. by Heidi Strawn February 4, 2011

Did you scroll all this way to get facts about scottish blackface? Well you're in luck, because here they come.

Black-Faced Highland, även kallad Scottish Blackface, matta, ursprungligen Skottland, nu också USA, Italien, Argentina, svart eller fläckig, 

Our 50 sheep are genetically tied to the Newman, Reynolds, Gould and Buchanan flocks. Now the largest registered Scottish Blackface Thrifty sheep for the small farm “If a man cannot be happy on a little farm in Wisconsin, then he hasn’t the makings of happiness in his soul.” —Nick Engelbert, farmer and folk artist of Hollandale, WI Hylton's Scottish Blackface Sheep.

Es ist wahrscheinlich, daß sich die Rasse im Grenzgebiet von Schottland und England entwickelte.
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Scottish blackface

~ Scottish blackface sheep. Brian LaingSheep - Good Sheperd · Spring in Sweden - "Snow  Pierce gjorde whiteface över blackface. Black artists also performed in blackface. Även svarta skådespelare har uppträtt i blackface. The Scottish Blackface is by  The course lies alongside Lake Michigan and is famous for its flock of Scottish Blackface sheep.

Primarily raised for meat, this breed can be seen in any type of climate and is quite adaptable.
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Scottish Blackface sheep are known by many other names, especially in Scotland where they originate from. They may be referred to as Kerry, Linton, Blackfaced Highland, Scottish Mountain, Scotch Blackface, Scotch Horn, Scottish Highland, or simply Blackies.

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A Scottish Blackface in the Outer Hebrides. A Scottish Blackface ram, circa 1890. The Blackface or Scottish Blackface is a British breed of sheep. It is the most common sheep breed of the United Kingdom. Despite the name, it did not originate in Scotland, but south of the border.:156.

This website aims to provide information about the breed, contact details for the various branches throughout the UK, details of sales, blackface lamb markets, and current information about the activities of the Association. The Scottish Blackface sheep breed is the most prominent sheep breed in the Bristish Isles. There are various different types of the Scottish Black Faced sheep breed that have been developed over the years with the most common of the varieties being the Perth variety. Scottish blackface sheep Classifications.

Scottish Blackface; Suffolk; Texel; Other Breeds; News; Contact Us. Terms and Conditions; S c o t t i s h B l a c k f a c e ‘Allanfauld

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Exact origins of this breed are unknown. The Scottish Blackface is very susceptible to Cu deficiency and in one study on improved upland pasture 33% of lambs died, 13% from swayback and 20% from other causes. Treating the lambs with Cu prevented swayback and reduced the nonswayback losses from 20 to 11% (Woolliams et al., 1968a).